Wholemeal Fusilli with Beef Bolognese

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Wholemeal Fusilli with Beef Bolognese


Wholegrain Fusilli with Beef-Bolognese

Nutritional valuesAverage Portion
Energy556 kcal
Total Fat20 g
Saturated fatty acids from this8 g
Carbohydrates48 g
sugar from this8 g
Protein40 g
Salt4 g

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BEEF-BOLOGNESE (63%): Beef, tomatoes, water, onions, iodized salt, garlic, paprika, pepper.
Wholegrain Fusilli (37%): Whole grain durum wheat semolina, water, iodized table salt.


Gluten-containing cereals and products derived therefrom.


Total weight of 400 g.

Wholemeal Fusilli with Beef Bolognese

Pure energy! The Pasta Bolognese convinces with whole grain fusillis and is filled with plenty of proteins and carbohydrates. By optimizing the quality, quantity and composition, it contains the required amount of nutritional value as well as a small amount of salt. In addition, flavor enhancers, artificial colors and additives such as genetically modified organisms have been omitted.